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Meet Your Color Consultant

Shoshanna was born in Florida. At 6 months her  parents moved to Europe where she spent the next 16 yrs. Being raised overseas played a large role in ShoShanna’s love of art and architecture. She developed an appreciation for combining historical and modern design aesthetics and has a knack for honoring a home’s historical architecture while introducing fun and modern aspects to the space. 

    Shoshanna moved to Louisville at 16 where she finished high school and then spent the next 8 years traveling and living all over the United States. She went to college at Black Hills State University, Uof L and Sullivan studying art, education, philosophy and finally settling on a degree in interior design. 

    In her free time Shoshanna teaches and practices yoga, hikes, travels, and tries to keep up with her grandsons and German Shepherd.

Shoshanna Portman Color Consultant and Interior Design
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